“Ayush” means “life” or “life span”.

“Veda” means “knowledge” (same as “science” in Latin).

  • Ayurveda is an Indian medical system that has been in use for several thousand years.
  • The foundations of multiple modern therapies, including surgery, are rooted in Ayurveda.
  • Ayurveda is a universal science, the principles of which can be applied at any place and time.
  • Ayurveda offers a framework that provides a bird’s eye view of human health and wellbeing in the context of the environment.  It takes into account the whole person, with their individual traits and circumstances, rather than reducing everything to the physical body out of context. This offers a truly personalised approach to patients.
  • The main Ayurvedic approaches include changing diet, lifestyle, using herbs and special therapies (including massage).
    “If there is proper food, no medicine is needed. If there is no proper food, no medicine will help”.
  • There is a huge focus on prevention and on sustainable management of chronic conditions in Ayurveda.

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