Successful cases

Success can mean different things in different situations. For some, it can be total clearance of the symptoms and underlying causes (if the disease is not yet fully manifested and can be reversed). For someone who has been suffering from a chronic condition for many years, it can be managing the symptoms without pharmaceutical drugs (or with minimal amounts thereof). In some cases, it can mean avoiding surgery or conceiving a child in a natural way after being diagnosed with infertility. It can also be “simply” restoring normal sleep and regular stool or getting rid of a food allergy. Since life is an ongoing process, for some, success means learning to see the connections and being able to direct this process towards more balance and health in ever-changing circumstances.
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Patient: female,  early 30s
Complaints: chronic cystitis, burnout, severe fatigue
Treatment: nutrition and lifestyle changes, herbal therapy

“Last year I started working with Nadia on my chronic cystits (long-term bladder inflammation) and burnout. I had to change my diet and take herbal powders plus some plant-based supplements. It takes time, and I am moving slowly but steadily towards healing. My cystitis is almost gone, and my burnout is also showing fewer signs. I am grateful to Nadia for a sane and precise approach. She is easy to work with.”

Patient: male, mid-30s
Complaints: anxiety and stress (ulcerative colitis managed by diet and herbs)
Treatment: regular head and body massage

“I first came across Ayurveda when looking for alternative treatments for ulcerative colitis, which I had been struggling with for many years at that point. I have to admit that it took me a while to accept the Ayurvedic point of view, which I found to be radically different from conventional Western medicine (which was all I knew at that point). A few years down the line, I have now been following an Ayurvedic diet for several years, I do not take any Western medications, and I feel great – much better than I did when I was trying to follow the conventional approach! I am much more in touch with my body (I try to constantly listen to what it’s trying to tell me and in many cases, I succeed in understanding) and with the natural daily (and seasonal) rhythms of life. I would never go back to how I was living before.

Regular massages at 1000 Miles Therapy help me to stay in balance, to relax, calm my mind and body, get a good night’s sleep and, on occasion, address specific issues (such as headaches or muscle pains). I have found the massages to be a very important and enjoyable part of the journey!”

Patient: female, mid-30s
Complaints: anxiety and stress
Treatment: head and body massage

“The massage was a wonderful experience and after it my body felt extremely relaxed, I could feel no tightness in my muscles and I could not even remember when I had felt like this before. This was remarkable, especially considering that I was going through a very stressful period of my life when I had the massage. I guess that this was a reason why the effects did not last longer. However, at least after the massage I seemed to be in a better position to handle my usual fits of stress and this was quite a relief.”

Patient: male, early 40s
stress, stiff body
Treatment: whole body massage

“Recently I had the opportunity to try an Ayurvedic massage by Nadia and I am glad that I tried it! A relaxing experience which kept me as a whole de-stressed not only during but also for quite a while after the massage. So when I am in the area again, I hope to get back for another session.”

Patient: female, late 30s
Treatment: n
utrition and lifestyle changes, herbal therapy

“It so happened that in summer ’16 I was diagnosed with endometriosis which was successfully operated on. My further “official” treatment included injections with hormones which would have blocked estrogen production and turned my organism into an artificial state of climax for about 6 months. At that time I made a scary discovery – there seemed to be NO other choice for women in my situation. Heavy hormones, climax with all its niceties and then – possible return of the disease. Not too cool. I was lucky to find two ladies who proved “official” medicine wrong. One was a phyto- and hirudo-therapist. The other one was Nadia.
Now, almost 9 months after the beginning of my “unofficial” treatment, I am happy to say that my analyses (hormones and ultrasound) came clear. I would not say that it was nice and easy, I’d rather say it was an interesting experience which later turned into a way of life.
Coriander water in the morning and nigella with cumin and honey in the evening – that wasn’t hard at all. Turning from a genuine owl into a happy little lark was a bit harder but I managed and am now quite happy about it – I need less time for night rest now, my mind is kind of renewed, I almost stopped having headaches, my working abilities improved, which was a nice bonus.
With food, it was an interesting quest. Before Nadia told me, I’d never even thought about not mixing different proteins. From Nadia’s explanations, I understood how difficult it was for the organism to process protein mixtures and have being doing my best not to overload it with unnecessary work. It was a bit problematic to almost completely remove pickles and tomatoes from my diet because I don’t have sweet tooth but a salty one. I confess that sometimes those faulty 25% do include a pickle or two but I try not to do it too often. Thanks to a changed diet I can now more carefully listen to my body and hear when it tells me that something is not too cool with it. Great feeling – to be able to react to your body’s request! Also it’s great to know that you can ask Nadia any question about what’s going on with your body and get a quick and detailed answer and recommendations. Thanks a lot, it’s a blessing knowing you!!!”

Unsuccessful cases

Obviously, when the patient never comes back after the first consultation, they can’t give feedback about the treatment. The cases below are based on real patients’ stories but have been altered to protect the anonymity of the patients. I’d like to use these examples to illustrate the limitations of applying Ayurvedic methods (not the limitations of Ayurveda itself, because it is only limited by our understanding).

Patient: male, early 30s
Treatment suggested: n
utrition and lifestyle changes, herbal therapy

This patient asked for a consultation mainly out of curiosity, because he was looking for a quick fix for some problems that so far he had not managed to solve. His main complaint was being overweight (Kapha aggravation), but there were much more prominent Pitta/Vata symptoms like cystitis, sciatica, irritability, anger, on and off depression. This person was consuming litres of carbonated water per day in a hope “to cleanse the body” and was very sceptical about stopping it. In addition, he did not consider taking spices (as medicine) because he didn’t like the taste (that’s true, I can’t call most herbs tasty!). The patient also found surgical removal of an organ acceptable, believing that the organ was causing him problems, not the other way around.
Taking all this into account, there was no way we could proceed with Ayurvedic therapy with this patient.

Patient: female, late 60s
severe fatigue
Treatment suggested:
nutrition and lifestyle changes

This patient, again, was just curious about Ayurveda. She was very disabled and could not cook for herself and there was nobody who could help her with this. She had been on serious medication for years and stayed in hospital for a few months a year. There was simply too much of everything: the disease was at a late stage of development. Given the patient’s age, the severity of her condition and her inability to change things, there was very little I could offer on this occasion.