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Happy new pagan year and welcome, Winter time!

This is not a post about religious beliefs or about the origins of different festivals. It is mainly about natural rhythms, which depend on geographical location. In order to stay healthy and balanced, it is important to understand and respect them. It is also about seeing connections, which is another important skill to develop on… [continue reading]

My encounter with sciatica

In 2015-2016, I had a rather unpleasant experience with sciatia, which dramatically changed the course of my Life. I believe I found a sustainable way of managing it and would like to share the information about my journey with you. Please note, this is not medical advice and you are the only one responsible for… [continue reading]

Why 1000 Miles…?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Chinese proverb) When it came to choosing the name for my practice back in 2016, it did not take me too long to find one. I have been fascinated by Eastern culture as long as I remember myself. By Eastern I mean Indian, Chinese… [continue reading]

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