The main Ayurvedic concept is that every person is born with a unique constitution  that is called Prakruti in Sanskrit. In the first approximation,  you can think of it as a certain combination of genes. This “constitution at birth” (Prakruti) represents the balanced state. Due to multiple factors and events, the person’s state can deviate from the original balance and become imbalanced; this imbalanced state is called Vikruti in Sanskrit. The aim of all Ayurvedic manipulations is to restore the original balanced state from the imbalanced.

Ayurvedic concept of health (balance) and disease (imbalance).

This detailed test will give you an idea about your balanced constitution (Prakruti) and your current imbalanced state (Vikruti). As with most tests, there can be some discrepancies so it is always a good idea to consult a professional, but it could be a starting point.