Consultation (diet, lifestyle, herbs)

Multiple chronic conditions are successfully addressed by Ayurvedic methods, which include adjustments in diet and lifestyle. Typical problems include chronic digestive problems, inflammatory conditions, allergies, skin problems, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, depression, hormonal issues, fertility problems, excessive or insufficient weight, aches and pains of different etiology.

During the initial consultation, you will be asked questions about your food habits, digestion, lifestyle etc. Traditional methods of diagnosis, such as pulse and tongue diagnosis, will be used to confirm the observations. Based on the conclusions, we will set up a therapeutic goal. You will receive suggestions regarding your diet and lifestyle. Most adjustments include the usage of over-the-counter herbs and spices but specific herbs can also be prescribed and supplied.

Restoring balance might take a while, so once you start incorporating the suggested changes into your daily life, depending on your response to the treatment, further adjustments might be introduced.

This is a complementary approach, so you will never be asked to stop any medication you are currently on. In the course of treatment it may happen that you no longer need it or need smaller doses, but that you can then discuss with your conventional healthcare provider.

Consultations are available in English, Russian or Dutch and in some cases can be conducted remotely.


Initial consultation – £70
Follow-up consultation – £40

Herbal supplements cost approximately £20-25 per month

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is a form of somatic therapy and a great way to relax your body and mind. In general, massage improves circulation, enhances skin tone, joint flexibility, improves mood, and promotes vitality. Ayurvedic massage is especially recommended when the following problems are present: overall dryness, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, pains and aches, congestion and stiffness. It is also used as part of a detoxification-purification programme.

Ayurvedic massage is performed using high quality medicated oils. The oils are selected according to your body type and your current needs.


Massage session 60 minutes – £65

Massage session 90 minutes – £85
(includes feet massage, head massage and a facial treatment)

Massage session 120 minutes – £110
(includes feet massage, head massage and a facial treatment)

Massage with herbal poultices is available as part of detox and fertiliy programmes. Please ask for details.

Yoga therapy

Movement is essential for our bodies to stay fit and flexible. But it is also important for our mind and soul to move in a physiological way that brings relaxation and pleasure. The goal of this practice is to get connected to the body, learn to move and stay still ergonomically, and to relieve stress and tension. In my practice, I use meridian & anatomy trains principles and Yoga & Qigong based exercises. If there is affinity for dancing, then I also include elements of dance in our sessions.

I provide one-to-one sessions to individuals who want to address a certain problem and need a personalised approach to movement therapy. My main focus at the moment is on women’s health issues and chronic body aches that get no or only temporary relief from other forms of body work.


Intake or one-off session (75 minutes) – £60
3 individual sessions (75 minutes) to be used within 6 weeks – £150