Sustainably regaining health and wellbeing

If you suffer from a condition that either can’t be diagnosed or can’t be treated by conventional medicine, or can only be treated in a certain way but you feel that there should be another way, then our approach might be for you.

At 1000 Miles Therapy, the traditional Eastern sciences are adapted to the Western context. The main goal of all our activities is to stop further harm to the body and assist it in returning to a balanced state.

We combine Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle advice with Massage and Herbal therapies to address multiple chronic conditions. Exercising in a smart way – without depleting your body reserves and without competition – can be a valuable addition to the above mentioned methods.  To address this, we offer individualised movement therapy programs. Most exercises come from Yoga and Qigong and are based on biomechanical and bioenergetic principles.

All our therapies are complementary, which means that you will not need to stop any current treatment or medication.

We are based in St Ives (Cambs) and work throughout Cambridgeshire.

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