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My philosophy

I am Nadezda Kovalevskaya, I have been practising Ayurveda since 2016. Before that I was doing research in biochemistry, studying mechanisms of drug action, and working for a company dealing with genomic medicine.

In the course of my life as a researcher and patient, I became convinced about limitations of the modern scientific approach and pharmacological medicine. A whole flower is not just a sum of separate petals, leaves, stem, roots etc, it is much more than that! Isolating one component of a system and studying it in isolation does not tell us much about the system, in the end.

Everything in our bodies is part of a system – all organs and tissues are interconnected. We all are part of a system – we are connected with our family, friends, society. We are not isolated beings and are influenced by our environment.

I was looking for a method that could give me a bigger picture, a systemic approach that would take into account multiple factors that are responsible for health and disease. I was also interested in an approach that focusses on underlying causes rather than on masking symptoms. I found it…

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an old Indian medical system that has been practised for thousands of years and is considered to be the mother of all medical sciences. If we set aside all sorts of mysticism and fanaticism, we are left with a very elegant, logical and practical system of viewing reality.

One of the main features of the Ayurvedic method is its systemic approach: it looks not only at separate parts but at their interactions with each other and with the environment. When applied to human health and disease, it often allows one to change the course of multiple chronic diseases by changing diet and lifestyle, using herbs and spices and following special procedures.

Many years’ experience of working in biochemical research and industry has taught me to handle information critically. Therefore I practise Ayurveda with integrity and priority of research: only knowledge that has been shown to work in practice is exercised.

I work to provide adequate and modern information to anyone interested in the Ayurvedic method.