Welcome to 1000 Miles Therapy!

Hello, I am Nadezda Kovalevskaya, PhD, the Ayurvedic practitioner, Massage and Yoga therapist at 1000 Miles Therapy. My aim is to help people move out of imbalance and find their way back to balance to enjoy their life in full.

Whether one is living with a chronic or undiagnosed condition, great relief can be achieved by changing diet and lifestyle. There is a myriad of modern diets which work for some people and don’t work for others, or are only effective temporarily and stop working after a period of time. This can be very frustrating. The Ayurvedic approach, combined with my experience in biochemical research, allows one to avoid this frustration.

I offer a concise nutrition plan and herbal supplements that are specific to the person’s current condition and situation. I take into account different factors that contribute to the person’s condition and offer lifestyle changes and techniques that will improve their emotional and mental wellbeing. In addition to proper nutrition and herbs, getting back to balance can be beneficially supported by Ayurvedic massage and Yoga therapy, two other services that I offer.