Update from 09/21
For the time being there are no treatments and no consultations for new clients

Welcome to 1000 Miles Therapy – complementary health practice of Nadezda Kovalevskaya, PhD, Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga therapist.

The foods that we eat become our bodies and influence our minds. To stay healthy and happy we need our digestion to work properly but is it always the case? Modern food habits, the stress epidemic, and environmental changes often influence us in a negative way. As a result, despite all scientific progress, people are getting more chronically ill because their basic physiological and emotional needs are often overlooked and ignored.

In practice, many chronic and undiagnosed conditions can be relieved by changing the foods that we eat, adopting a lifestyle that is in line with natural rhythms, exercising in a smart way, changing our mindset a little bit, and using relaxing natural therapies.

My approach relies on traditional holistic knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga that has been available for at least 5000 years and does not change with time. I combine it with my experience in biochemical research to create a unique program for every patient.

Looking at every person as a whole, beyond symptoms, disorders, and test results, I provide genuine care and support exactly where the person is right now. This approach works wonders and often gives better long-term results than fighting and fixing symptoms.

I provide several complementary treatments for managment and prevention of chronic conditions. These natural solutions can transform your life and get you to a level of wellbeing you never considered possible.

  1. Nutrition and herbs
    Based on your current situation and needs, I offer personalised nutritional plans and herbal supplements.
  2. Ayurvedic massage and Dough Dam Basti treatments
    I also offer authentic Ayurvedic therapies that provide deep relaxation for body and mind, remove blockages and restore energy flow.
  3. Yoga therapy
    I offer a gentle yet powerful approach to exercising. These yoga sessions are suitable for all abilities.
  4. Education
    I run workshops on natural remedies, Ayurvedic approach to common disorders, women’s health awareness, holistic cooking etc.