Nadia van Frol, PhD

I grew up in a family of medical doctors and wanted to be a doctor, too. In addition, as long as I remember myself I have always been seeking the root cause of everything. Not surprisingly, I ended up in a research lab! I spent more than ten years in Life Sciences, doing research in leading universities and centres of Europe. I studied mechanisms of drug action and fundamental molecular physiology using biochemical and biophysical methods.  I then spent three years in a startup working in genomics and personalised medicine.

All this time, I was witnessing and contributing to progress in the medical field as a researcher.  However, as a patient, I kept noticing again and again that something important was missing, something that I really needed! It was not novel technology but a holistic humane approach to patients that was missing. I found it in complementary medical systems and this was what made me feel better in the end. With all respect to modern medicine which fantastically handles zillions of acute conditions, I am convinced that addressing chronic conditions could be seriously improved by introducing diet and lifestyle changes and by looking beyond our physical bodies.

In my own healing journey, instead of choosing a quick fix to my problems I entered the sustainable path of transformative change offered by the traditional Indian medical system called Ayurveda (translated as “science of life” or “knowledge of life”). It turned out, that old holistic medical systems that have existed for thousands of years offer a framework that in most cases allows us to address the root cause of diseases.

Achievements:  in 2016, I graduated with high distinction in “Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition” and “Ayurvedic Massage Therapy” from the Ayurveda Institute UK. I am currently studying Ayurvedic Pharmacology (Dravyaguna) at the European Institute of Vedic Studies with Vaidya Atreya Smith.  I have recently graduated from the oldest Yoga Research Institute Kaivalyadhama and became a Yoga instructor. I am currently studying Yoga therapy with a focus on women’s health at Birthlight in Cambridge.

I have a PhD in Biochemistry and a MSc degree (cum laude) in Chemistry from Moscow State University (Russian Federation).

Motivators: I am fascinated by the intrinsic self-healing powers that all people have, without exception. It may take a while to remove the obstacles that block this healing intelligence but once they start melting down, the life of the person undergoes a deep transformation and changes towards more balance, more understanding, more attunement to the environment and ultimately to more happiness and calmness.

If not at work: you will find me gardening, dancing or painting.