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The most important food habit you can develop

People often ask, if there was only one food-related rule in Ayurveda, what would it be? There is one principle that is very simple yet effective. It is now even confirmed by modern science! It is called ‘adhyashana’ – not eating before the previous meal is digested (at least has left the stomach). Snacking or… [continue reading]

One of the best things you can do to your body when it is cold

One of the best things you can do to your body when it is cold is keeping your kidney area warm. Why is this? It is very simple. The kidneys are very close to the surface of the body. Even if there is enough fat tissue in the body it is usually situated not in… [continue reading]

Autumn, wind, dry skin, anxiety, disturbed sleep… is there any connection?

The autumn has really started now on the British Isles with windy storms, short but heavy rains, and cold nights. What I immediately noticed in myself (and heard my friends and relations complain) is disturbed sleep, unexplained anxiety, overall dryness, and decreased appetite. Ayurveda has a clear explanation of why all these symptoms started taking… [continue reading]

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