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An ode to Pumpkin: will you trash a treasure?

It is beyond surprising for me that only one third of people plans to eat the pumpkins that they hollow and carve for Halloween celebration. There is even a #PumpkinRescue movement! Pumpkin – a neglected super veg? I must confess I did not pay much respect to Pumpkin as a kid. I also don’t remember… [continue reading]

Autumn, wind, dry skin, anxiety, disturbed sleep… is there any connection?

The autumn has really started now on the British Isles with windy storms, short but heavy rains, and cold nights. What I immediately noticed in myself (and heard my friends and relations complain) is disturbed sleep, unexplained anxiety, overall dryness, and decreased appetite. Ayurveda has a clear explanation of why all these symptoms started taking… [continue reading]

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